The Milton Young Towers, the largest affordable multifamily housing development in the City of Minot, has been a prominent structure since its construction in 1970

In fact, it still remains the tallest building in the Magic City. Milton Young Towers is a 14-story landmark located in downtown Minot with 220 affordable apartments for the City’s most vulnerable residents. The housing and services provided by Minot Housing Authority (MHA) in the Milton Young Towers are essential for the health and well-being of these residents.

In 2016, the City of Minot was awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development National Disaster Resilience Competition (NDR). Although Milton Young Tower has weathered the elements quite well over the last 50 years, MHA is using part of the funds to renovate this iconic building, including many improvements to features common in affordable multifamily housing which will increase market value and its resiliency for the next half century.

EAPC, a firm recognized to provide design services for multifamily housing and also historical renovation in Minot such as Carnegie Hall and Home Sweet Home relocation, is working with the City and MHA on the following renovation improvements:

  • Increase efficiency of domestic water by replacing existing cast iron main wastewater plumbing stacks
  • Remodel all apartment bathrooms for modernization and obtain current code compliance
  • Provide full life safety code compliance by adding sprinkler, smoke and fire detection systems, and upgrading emergency lighting
  • Provide full code/ADA compliance by enhancing current accessibility levels where technically feasible
  • Replace storefront systems/curtain walls on first floor and at stairways
  • Modernize elevator system
  • Increase energy efficiency by updating the lighting system to LED
  • Decrease noise pollution by replacing aluminum windows
  • Replace flooring and update the painting to bring interior up to date
  • Add an on-site power generator for operation during emergencies
  • Diversify the offering of apartment types by adding two bedroom apartments to attract families (conversion of 12 single into 8 double units)
  • Improve marketability of the facility through comprehensive upgrades to the finishes system

Milton Young Towers provides housing on levels 2-14 and a commons area on the main floor including a community room, library, and game room. With current residents, it was important for EAPC to phase the work in order to obtain the least amount of disruption to the comings and goings of the residents. The project is currently ongoing and scheduled for completion December 2021.