Basin Electric Power Cooperative Leland Olds Station

In response to EPA regulations, this project was completed to control/reduce mercury emissions in flue gas. The project included two skid mounted systems in the design to provide a source of pneumatically convey bulk powder material into the boiler or flue gas stream. One system being activated carbon, the other being a powder additive called SF10. The activated carbon system included a 54 foot tall storage silo. Both systems employ gravimetric feeders, blowers, and eductors for product handling.

Balance of plant engineering services included piping/mechanical, civil/structural, and electrical engineering.

All piping and electrical runs (outside of the manufactured skids) were designed and routed by EAPC. EAPC developed a 3D model of the existing boilers, air preheat ducts, and surrounding structure in order to route piping accurately. Piping plans, elevations, and isometrics with bills of materials were then produced. EAPC designed concrete and structural steel to accommodate the new activated carbon silo as well as the new blower skid equipment.