The primary design goal was to provide meaningful development and protect sensitive environmental features to sustain the unique desert character
  • Situated between two residential communities, containing two challenging zone overlays, an Environmentally Sensitive Lands overlay (ESL) and a Natural Area Open Space overlay (NAOS)
  • ESL overlay sets restrictions on building height and design materials in an effort to maintain the aesthetics of the natural landscape surrounding the built environment, protect people and property from hazardous environmental conditions, and minimize the costs of providing public services and infrastructure
  • Intent of the NAOS overlay area is to preserve sensitive environmental conditions, retain and protect desert open space, maintain visual amenities, and mitigate hazards
  • To keep the project low profile, the building is designed with three basement levels and one level above grade
  • Building elevation materials include natural stacked stone, dark bronze metal screening, and painted stucco surfaces that are compatible with the adjacent character of the natural desert
  • Low lighting and minimal glazing are evident throughout the design to maintain the dark sky ordinance and continue to preserve a low profile impact
  • Site focuses on using low-water, drought tolerant landscaping that is suitable for a desert climate and will become self-sufficient as the plants mature
  • Building is designed to use LED motion sensored lighting and automated door sensors to maintain temperature controls
  • Exterior paint colors and stone material are low light value reflecting colors; all windows are low-E to improve energy efficiency

EAPC is a member of the Arizona Self Storage Association