In 2008, the district was down to just 44 students. Then the oil boom hit and enrollment swelled, virtually overnight. Teachers were giving instruction in rooms as small as closets, there weren’t enough bathrooms, and elementary and high school classrooms were intermingled in a facility, though well maintained, was beginning to show its 50-year age.

The Grenora K-12 school improvement projects consist of three phases. Phase one included an expansion of the existing kitchen and added storage space for maintenance to free up shop space; an addition to provide more classroom space and gymnasium support space; renovations to expand the existing cafeteria and toilet rooms; and renovations to relocate and expand the library and provide special education space and ITV space.

Phase two consisted of renovations to expand the administration suite.

Phase three was comprised of an addition to provide a second gymnasium with support spaces and create the opportunity for an after-hours community fitness center. Other new features include new water fountains fitted to accommodate filling water bottles and all of the classrooms are air conditioned and outfitted with smart boards. Additionally, all of the elementary students have their own lockers.