Winters can be long in North Dakota and staying active is not always conducive with the weather.

The community of Beulah recognized this need – along with the demand for more exercise and recreation space – and worked together to spark the project into existence.

This facility would not exist had it not been for the engagement of an active group of staff and volunteers. The idea began when Beulah Parks and Recreation recognized there was more demand than their existing space could supply. Their team worked with the Beulah Park District to establish a Wellness Center Foundation. From there, they engaged community members to determine what type of spaces would be needed and worked with the design team to begin creating the concept. Those concepts were then utilized to illustrate the project to the community at large and show what a new facility could be. The community got behind the goal and voted for a sales tax increase to fund the project.

The Beulah Parks and Recreation Energy Wellness Center is located on the north hill of the city, allowing for great views of the community in the valley below – especially from the elevated walking track that follows the perimeter of the building. There are also plenty of views possible within the building – from the second-floor fitness space to first-floor strength training and into the gymnasium through large windows. The openness of the interconnected spaces allows for access to natural light, which washes across each space. Add in views to the racquetball court and the group exercise room, and the goal for providing indoor recreation and exercise is met.

I am absolutely in love with our new facility.

Not just because I work here, but because of the opportunity it has created for our community. With so many shift workers with families, it’s awesome to have a facility that focuses on the community’s needs. For my family, it means we can accomplish after school activities, eat dinner together, do homework, and still make it to the gym. We can even go workout as a family!

– Sonja Dutchuk, Parks & Recreation Director

Along with that goal, the building also includes space for the community. A large lounge and lobby welcomes visitors, providing a comfortable place to relax and meet others. A few more steps from the lounge brings one past the youth room, which provides for a variety of activities and programs, the community room allowing for gatherings of all types (and if there happens to be a birthday party, they should really check out the games at the new golf simulator) and space for lease for retailers or healthcare providers. The building is completed with new offices for the park district and access to outdoor spaces.

Overall, the goals were met and the Beulah community has a great facility to serve them.

EAPC provided planning, design, and construction administration for this new facility that opened in spring 2018.

Maverick Thompson, who is on the Beulah Park Foundation Board and helped plan this facility, says, “The building is very well designed. EAPC listened well to our comments and tried to incorporate our feedback into the design as best as possible.”
First Floor
Second Floor