Clearbrook, MN Station

Tank 57 Platforms
Extended additional platform toward tank to access side of valve

Line 2, Station 2 Pumphouse
On four existing pumps, replaced drain piping from pump seals to sump pit, level transmitters, added heat trace on drain piping, replaced fire detection sensors

Line 4, Station 4 Pumphouse
Replaced level transmitters for pump seal drain piping on three existing pumps

Fire Pump Building
Replaced double doors, replaced test header back to pump

New Platform Additions
Metering Building for 151 & 152, added platform to access valves/sensors, put gates in rail assembly, provided new platform on east end to access sensors/control

Exterior provers platforms, new platforms to sensors/meters, stair access to platform (mobile), platform on each side of prover, platform all the way around the valve

Tank 61-64 platforms, extended platform toward tank to access side of valve

New receiving trap platforms on line 2 and line 3 to access valves and hand wheels

Manifold building platform additions under lines 2, 4, and 65 control valves

Exterior platform column replacement and repairs at booster pumps

Deer River, MN Station

Replaced security gate, added card reader access

Line 67 Densitometer piping replacement, rerouted and replaced densitometer piping from headers in whistles to the densitometer cabinet, added appropriate supports and additional foundations, replaced all heat trace and insulation

Plummer, MN Station

Fence and Foundation Repair
Replaced approximately 800’ of perimeter security fence, replaced security gate

Line 4 and 67
Replaced densitometer piping and required support, densitometer piping and heat trace re-route, miscellaneous pipe support