Sabin Metal West Corporation

EAPC designed the mechanical, structural, and electrical items necessary to install a new electric arc furnace. The furnace is used to melt and refine trace amounts of precious metals found in spent catalyst and other feedstock.

Concrete foundations were installed to support the furnace. Cooling water piping was added to cool the new furnace shell. A new set of hydraulic oil pumps were installed to provide power to the 70 degree tilt arms that pour the molten metal from the furnace. The furnace requires a large electric transformer in a separate vault room which powers three carbon electrodes on the furnace. A traveling bridge crane was installed over the furnace for maintenance. Other ancillary systems were added for the operation such as feed screw conveyor, load cells for batch weighing, feed bucket electric hoist, 41” diameter exhaust gas ducts, feed bucket roller conveyors, CO2 fire suppression system, and the arc furnace control system.