Sabin Metal West Corporation

EAPC designed a new baghouse and dust collection system to collect dust from the processing of precious metal in an electric arc furnace of molten metal processing (smelting). The new baghouse was located beside an existing baghouse allowing the Owner to switch baghouses depending on dust product. The size of the system was 54,000 cfm with a 200 hp fan set up on VFD. The VFD allowed the operators to turn down flows during periods of light dust load and up in periods of high dust load. Compliance with NFPA, OSHA, Mechanical, Structural, and NEC codes were adhered to on this project. A new 75 hp air compressor with air dryer and receiver tank was installed to supply instrument air to the entire facility.

EAPC services included mechanical, structural (including concrete foundations), and electrical Engineering, procurement, cost estimating, instrumentation/controls, architectural, and construction assistance. As part of the construction services, EAPC maintained the construction schedule, tracked changes in the field, coordinated contractor activities, prepared and distributed bid packages, and received and evaluated bids from contractors. EAPC was on-site throughout construction.