Hess Corporation

HESS Corporation produces crude oil and natural gas and operates a natural gas compressor station in the Williston Basin of North Dakota. Due to the increased production from the field and delays for constructing a new downstream compressor station, the existing compressor station was unable to send the full flow of natural gas to the main plant in Tioga, ND. In order to alleviate this issue, HESS installed a temporary mobile propane refrigeration unit (MRU) to remove the heavier natural gas liquids (NGL). The new equipment consisted of three pre-built skids powered by temporary natural gas generators. The NGL were temporarily stored on site in storage vessels until they were transferred by truck to another facility for injection into a pipeline at another station.

EAPC’s mechanical design included balance of plant piping to connect the MRU skid to the existing facility and to necessary utilities (instrument air, fuel gas), designing equipment layout, methanol injection and developing datasheets for devices. Civil and structural design included new foundations for the storage vessels, containment berms, and site compaction plans for setting skids and truck turnaround. Electrical design included routing power to the new skids, heat tracing pipe, and instrumentation termination.