Archer Daniels Midland

This greenfield project consisted of two circulating fluidized bed boilers with one turbine generator set.

The scope of work included the electrical and control work plan as well as scheduling which involved defining and scheduling design, installation, check out, and start up activities in addition to maintaining and updating schedules.

The scope also involved developing a master instrument list for the project and maintaining and updating the list, reviewing, combining, developing, maintaining, and updating a master I/O list for the project, developing, maintaining, and updating a master circuit schedule for the project, developing electrical and control general arrangement drawings for location of termination boxes and local I/O cabinets, developing electrical and control loop diagram termination drawings, maintaining and updating all generated drawings, and providing as build support for pertinent system drawings.

Systems included in the work scope consisted of combustion air and flue gas, boiler fuel, feed water and condensate, steam temperature control, soot blowing, turbine, generator and exciter including lube oil, control oil, bearing cooling, generator cooling, water plant including mixed beds, filters, softeners, polishers, boiler chemicals, fabric filters including collection, cleaning and isolation, CEMS, coal handling system, ash handling systems, lime handling system, dust collection systems, instrument air, service air, ammonia systems, equipment cooling water, control and protective relay wiring for switchgear (4160V), load centers, motor control centers, control power panels, and all associated transformers.