The Bismarck High School auditorium and gym additions include a 680 seat new auditorium, three basketball court gym, weight/fitness room, wrestling room, new secure entrance, and renovated visitor locker rooms.

During non-school hours when events take place in the gym and auditorium, separate entrances and parking are used for music arts and athletics, which are located on opposite ends of the high school.

G. Roy Gilbreath Auditorium Addition

  • 685 seat new auditorium
  • Stage designed for 120 piece band or choir
  • Acoustically accommodates large musical performances and concerts as well as large class lectures
  • Black Box room for smaller performances and classroom space for theater students
  • Large pre-function gathering space and highly visible front entrance hall for gatherings before and after the performances
  • Auditorium programmed next to band/choir rooms for easy transfer of equipment and instruments

Karlgaard Gym Addition

  • Three basketball courts
  • Wrestling room
  • Renovated visitor locker rooms
  • Seating for 1,800 spectators
  • Space for radio/TV media crews
  • Walking track including spectator entrance to bleachers to maintain gym floor level access
  • New school store and concession areas
  • New weight room/fitness addition with natural daylighting to enhance student workouts
  • New column free wrestling room with ample space for a full set of mats and easy access to the gym for wrestling match setup on the lower level of the weight/fitness addition