Integrating natural lighting in every space

To allow for expansion of spaces and services, Bank Forward is currently under construction for a new facility that will house the majority of their banking personnel in addition to their Insure Forward group. The primary features of this new location include a nod to natural lighting, open spaces, and flow patterns for an excellent customer experience. An ‘L’ shaped floor plan will allow both office and teller areas to be readily visible to customers.

  • Central open work spaces with glass-faced individual offices, large windows in employee stairwell, and numerous windows throughout provide abundant natural light
  • Event training room is separate from the bank and office facilities via a coiling gate for after-hours use
  • LED fixtures and motion sensors aid in reducing energy costs
  • Heating and cooling systems provide fine tuning of nearly every individual space with separate thermostats
  • Large kitchen/break room with outdoor patio space for employee use
  • Exterior of bank features an amplified metal clad “fin” element used in their logo and signage pieces