In 2014, Altru Health System relocated their Orthopedics Clinic to the Altru South Washington Campus as the second phase of establishing an “Orthopedics Center of Excellence.” EAPC completed Altru’s Specialty Center Orthopedic Surgery and Inpatient Rehab Project in 2013-2014 as the first phase.

The new Altru Orthopedics Clinic is the first implementation of the forward-thinking ‘Medical Home’ model of patient care delivery. In this model, each exam room has both a provider entrance as well as a separate patient entrance. The staff and patients use separate circulation systems that help keep the noise confined within the clinic, as well as ensure patient confidentiality by not having patient traffic near staff computers and conversations.

Unique to this project is the ability to reduce the waiting room footprint to just 12 chairs for 24 exam rooms due to the integrated patient tracking technology by Intelligent InSites. By using this system, as well as carefully coordinated interior finishes, patients are able to room themselves, and travel to supplementary services without staff escort.

The Orthopedic Clinic includes 24 exam rooms, a 7-chair cast bay, 2 digital x-ray rooms, a physician bullpen, 3 staff work areas, a staff lounge, and a new elevator shaft and elevator to serve the space.