Black Hills Colorado Electric Utility
Pueblo Airport

This Airport Generating Station utilizes two GE LMS 100 gas turbines to generate electricity. In order to avoid icing conditions, the units utilize an 8th stage bleed to heat the incoming combustion air. By using this bleed, the turbines are derated by 7 MW. In 2014, Black Hills Corporation completed a study to utilize waste heat from the intercooler to heat the incoming combustion air rather than utilizing the 8th stage bleed.

EAPC reviewed the prior study and provided engineering design services to implement the system. A 3-D model was created to optimize equipment layout and piping routes. EAPC provided BHCOE with structural, electrical and mechanical design drawings as well as specifications and requirements for new equipment, such as pumps, heat exchangers, valves, etc.

Construction occurred in late 2015 and the system was commissioned in early 2016. The system was utilized the following winter and it performed very well.