This mixed-use development is located at the heart of the downtown Sioux Falls shopping district at the corner of 10th Street and Phillips Avenue.

On the first floor, Lewis Drug and Sanford together partnered to bring much needed services to downtown Sioux Falls. Lewis Drug occupies only 5,000 SF but provides the staple items typical of their larger stores along with specific items geared towards the residents of downtown including a full pharmacy. Sanford’s new 1,000 SF clinic contains two multi-purpose exam rooms, lab space, staff office, and the other support space to provide the full spectrum of care including limited scope x-rays. We worked closely with both providers to maximize the space available so our clients can provide the best service possible to the residents and workers of downtown. The second floor consists of a 3,000 SF expansion of the adjacent PAve Bar and Restaurant to create additional space for another bar area along with a game room. The remaining 3,500 SF on the second floor also supports PAve as a large outdoor rooftop patio. PAve capitalizes on this unique feature in downtown Sioux Falls with table gas fireplaces, a covered sitting area, and other amenities. They also plan to use this space for fun events like snowman building contests!

The design of the building further enhances the patio by providing large overhead glass doors to blend indoor/outdoor spaces. In addition, the patio is surrounded by a sleek, modern guard rail system that further emphasizes safety and transparency. The overall exterior facade strives to blend into the downtown fabric through its use of similar materials, massing, and scale without appearing to be historic. Lastly, the first floor entrance canopy consists of salvaged corrugated chicken wire glass that provides a unique twist on an old material re-purposed and made new again.

The corner of 10th Street & Phillips Avenue has anchored the northern end of Sioux Falls vibrant downtown corridor where shops and eateries line both sides of Phillips Avenue. On this site was the former Copper Lounge building, a two-story mixeduse structure with residential housing above the main floor Bar and Retail. This property has been in the crosshairs of the public eye since its collapse in 2016. Tragically, a life was lost. Upon cleanup, the property sat vacant for a little over a year and became a constant reminder to passersby of the tragic event.

Needless to say, the City, the developer and the entire community wanted something to be done quickly to bring “life” back to the corner of 10th Street & Phillips Avenue. In 2018, indeed new life surfaced from the rubble and ruin of the site. The design team was challenged to transform not only the stigma of the tragic event but to add a resurgence of activities to further enhance the downtown mantra of “live, work and play”.

Although the event that occurred on this site should never be forgotten, it created a new opportunity. Lewis Drug and Sanford had seen the need for their services in this area and were in search of a home in the downtown community. In addition, PAve bar next door wanted to expand their offerings to the community. The design team worked with these three groups along with the developer to create a solution for the existing site and fulfill the essential needs of each stakeholder. This process required our team to clearly understand what each group wanted to accomplish. Through numerous reiterations’ the floor plan was refined to create the perfect balance for each stakeholder’s needs.

Today, this mixed-use project added nearly 20,000 SF to downtown Sioux Falls. This structure is supported on portions of the same stone foundation to fill in this unfortunate void in the downtown fabric. This missing piece brings essential support services into downtown which in turn makes it stronger and more vibrant.