Paul Prout

Vice President | Principal of Industrial Services | Mechanical Engineer

Paul is EAPC’s Vice President and also acts as managing principal for the firm’s Industrial Services Division. Paul is said to have a contagious passion for engineering that drives the motivation of others and encourages his team to do their best work.

Paul has design, analysis, construction, operation, and maintenance experience with systems and projects across a wide range of industrial sectors including electrical power generation, agricultural processing, food and beverage, biofuels, forest products, minerals and mining, manufacturing and central heating/cooling plants and associated distribution systems.

His responsibilities include leading multi-project, multi-discipline engineering activities related to performing studies, defining project scope, estimating project costs and progress, managing project schedules and budgets, developing mechanical drawings and specifications, administering construction documents, directing activities of chemical, mechanical, structural and electrical/ instrumentation engineers, designers and CAD operators and coordinating with clients.

Paul has mechanical engineering systems and equipment experience in heat transfer and fluid systems, material handling systems, pollution control systems, explosion protection systems, industrial and commercial HVAC systems, pressure vessel and pressure piping, and plant event analysis and event reconstruction. Paul also has forensic engineering experience including providing expert witness testimony.