Chad Frost

Six Sigma Black Belt, LEAN Specialist, BSME
Director of Business Excellence

Since 1996, Chad has been coaching various organizations and industries on how to leverage LEAN and Six Sigma systems to identify the value of their processes, reduce or eliminate the waste, and improve the flow of their operations. Chad has helped many organizations establish LEAN production systems, 5S programs, Value Stream Maps of their core processes, and Continuous Improvement programs over his career.

Chad’s role is to help value stream map clients’ core processes, help clients identify the waste reduction opportunities, and increase the flow of clients’ processes to help ensure increased productivity and satisfaction.

Chad’s role as LEAN Healthcare Specialist includes working with clients to identify the current state of department processes in the pre-Design phase, applying LEAN toolsets to improve the flow of these key processes and value streams of the department, and working with the architects to identify wastes and remove them from processes to ensure the most efficient and productive layout for the staff and patients of the department.

Chad also worked in operations environments for over 20 years where he coached and managed quality and HSE organizations to ensure compliance to company and external agency guidelines and rules. These opportunities have included establishing ISO 9001 systems for multiple companies, auditing, maintaining and improving their Quality and HSE Management systems, and training various company personnel and officers in Quality and HSE policy.

Chad is the Quality and HSE Manager for EAPC’s Industrial Services group. His role is to help the team understand and utilize the HSE policies and rules of the client during their design process. He also ensure EAPC supports the client’s HSE system and maintains compliance to OSHA and EPA regulations related to the project in general during design and construction.