We apply mechanical and chemical engineering to harness the energy from fuel through combustion processes and systems.

Whether it is burner modification or burner testing, burners are included in the many services we offer. Coal pulverizers, coal classifiers, crusher-driers, and coal conduits merit similar attention. Our Combustion Engineering work includes forensics, testing and design, usually for the purpose of either performance improvement or solving a problem. We specialize in combustion systems coordination for optimum performance.

Achieve optimum performance with minimal coal in pyrites, maximum mill response, and no coal line dropout using existing equipment.

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Solving Problems in Power Plant Performance

Our combustion engineering sector focuses on helping utility owners and operators solve power plant performance problems. Historically our emphasis has been on controls, boilers, fuels, and a variety of combustion improvement and combustion forensic services. Many other services are available.

Design and Retrofit Engineering Assistance

Our services include complete DCS and BMS replacements, new Low NOX Burners and Overfire Air Systems design, and SNCRs.


Proper combustion is essential for the efficient operation of the plant and reduced emissions.

Burner Management Systems

Burner Management System design, review, and replacement.

Mill Inerting

Mill inerting systems development and design.

Boiler Services

Solving boiler problems, and testing and improving performance.

Performance Testing

Correctly conduct performance tests on pumps, fans, boilers, turbines, air heaters and conduct heat rate testing on the entire unit. Services include data collection, data correction, data trending and evaluation, troubleshooting and complete reporting services.

Start-up Services

Assure an issue-free start-up from a logic and control perspective.

Coal Test Burns

An EAPC fuels and performance engineering expert will remain on site to test, analyze, trend and report fuel switch-initiated impacts.

Technical Resources

Download technical papers prepared by our experts.