Our engineers have years of experience in solving boiler problems as well as testing and improving performance.


Furnace On-Line Observation & Documentation
This can be as simple as an on-line walkdown and report, or as complete as flame and furnace photos, infra-red temperature profiles, and efficiency testing and  calculation.

Furnace Inspection
Furnace enclosure, superheater, reheater, economizer, dead air space, penthouse and all other elements can be inspected. Scope can include visual inspection, magnetic particle testing, metallurgical replication, hardness testing, ultrasonic thickness, testing and more


  • Boiler Performance
  • Boiler Efficiency
  • Unit Heat Rate

Operability Improvement

  • Ramp Rate, Turndown, Stability
  • Boiler Efficiency
  • LOI
  • Slagging/Fouling Reduction
  • Fuel Flexibility

Total Improvement