The future of laser scanning and inspection methods is here with the advancement of drone technology.

EAPC has partnered with SkySkopes to offer our clients 3D Aerial Scanning services

LiDAR or Aerial Scanning

SkySkopes utilizes a state-of-the-art LiDAR system, providing customers with cm-level accuracy for their surveying needs. Integrated with the LiDAR unit is a 24 MP camera, allowing simultaneous capture of still imagery for easy asset identification.

  • Alpha Series AL3-32 LiDAR Scanner
  • 700,000 points per second scan rate
  • Integrated 24 MP camera for RGB colorized point clouds
  • Survey-grade accuracy (Up to 2cm)

LiDAR Services


Survey-grade LiDAR equipment provides accurate maps in a variety of formats

3D Modeling

Point cloud data can be transformed into models

Right of Way/Encroachment Surveys

Right of way surveys from pipelines to power lines provide accurate vegetation distances

Terrain Models

Digital terrain models for value engineering

OGI Inspections

Optical Gas Imaging is the latest way to detect fugitive gas leaks. SkySkopes’ drone-mounted OGI system results in faster and better inspections of your assets while keeping people out of harm’s way.

  • Dual HD video and OGI for comprehensive inspections
  • Collect radiometric temperature data in 640×512 resolution
  • Superior detection of 20 different HydroCarbon gases

Thermal Inspections

Thermal imaging a building with a handheld camera is cumbersome and even dangerous. Getting a high resolution thermal camera in the air allows for a big picture view while still capturing detailed temperature data. SkySkopes’ new dual visual and thermal imaging drone saves clients money by cutting down inspection time and increasing data quality.

  • Dual HD and Thermal Images for comprehensive inspections
  • Collect radiometric temperature data in 640×512 resolution
  • Cover an entire building in just a fraction of the time as compared to handheld