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Although not considered new, 3D Laser Scanning technology and its use in the architecture, engineering, and consulting industry is on the rise due to increased capabilities and reduced costs. At EAPC, we use scanning primarily to increase the accuracy and reduce manpower required to create as-built conditions for retrofits to facilities. A scan can be converted to a working 3D CAD model which designers can use as a starting point for modifications to the facility.

Scans result 3D, virtual images or models that are far more accurate than manually building them through onsite, time consuming measurements, thereby reducing onsite time, access issues, travel time/costs, and potential change orders during construction.

These scans are also very valuable when buildings plans are unavailable. The resulting models can even offer the ability to walk through a redesigned facility before it’s built.

EAPC has also partnered with SkySkopes to offer our clients 3D Aerial Scanning services.


Quickly and accurately scan an entire facility and create a 3D model that allows for an accurately designed project.


Scan large areas and facilities utilizing a state-of-the-art LiDAR system flown on a drone to obtain accurate models.