Our Structural Engineers apply physical laws and empirical knowledge of the structural performance of different materials and geometries, using a number of simple structural elements to build complex structural systems.

We provide professional structural design and project management services as part of EAPC’s in-house multi-discipline architecture and engineering team or as a stand-alone service.

North Dakota Geological Survey Wilson M. Laird Core & Sample Library

This project includes an overhead walkway above Campus Drive at University of North Dakota that connects the office and lab of the Core Library to the Collaborative Energy Complex. The walkway required close design-phase coordination with the CEC design. It provides a direct physical connection between the interrelated academic disciplines housed in the CEC.

Structural Engineering Services

  • Building analysis and design
  • Analysis, load-rating, and in-place reinforcing of existing structures
  • Steel connection and metal fabrications
  • Earth retention and construction shoring
  • Forensic studies
  • Structural steel and reinforcing steel detailing/fabrication drawing preparation
“One of the best parts about being a structural engineer is the gratification of seeing the designs you create develop and take form during construction. In the end, you have a very tangible result from your hours of hard work.”