We verify and document that your building systems are designed, installed, functioning, and maintained to meet your requirements.

Our team of Commissioning Engineers has decades of experience in the design, construction, and start-up/Commissioning of HVAC, controls, plumbing, and lighting controls for commercial facilities. Their knowledge of automation and control systems, HVAC systems, plumbing, fire alarm/life safety systems, lighting and lighting controls, as well as test and balance is among the best in the industry and they are ready to apply their expertise to your project.

Commissioning [Cx]

A process focused on quality and efficiency

General/New Construction Commissioning
New Cx verifies that the design of a facility achieves the project requirements as intended by the building owner and as designed by the building architects and engineers. Confirms that equipment and systems are installed according to the design intent. Validates that equipment and systems are operating as expected.

ReCx is a methodical process for previously commissioned buildings of retesting and adjusting the facility’s systems and equipment to achieve the original design intent and/or to increase energy savings.

RetroCx is a process for a building which has never been commissioned of testing and adjusting the facility’s systems and equipment to provide a tune-up and return them to their previous performance levels.

Extend the life of your systems and equipment and lower your utility costs

General/New Construction Commissioning

EAPC provides a systematic process of assuring that all building systems are installed, tested, and operate according to the design intent and the Owner’s operational needs and standards.


ReCommissioning is a methodical process of testing an existing facility’s systems and equipment to make sure they are still functioning according to the original design intent or to make adjustments to correct any deviation from the original design.


If your utility costs seem disproportionate, it’s likely your building is not operating at optimum performance. We’ll find out what’s causing this and get you on the road to savings. Find out how EAPC helped one client save more than $53,000 a year in utility costs.

Types of Commissioning Services

New Construction Commissioning: Complete Building and HVAC
LEED Sustainable Design: Fundamental and Enhanced
Existing Building Commissioning

Energy Audits

Audits for processes, equipment, and facilities to define energy savings

Sustainable Design Consulting

Sustainable and renewable design principles increase building performance

Facility Optimization

Improve total facility functionality and implement future facility goals

Operations Review & Planning

Review operations standards and future planning to improve operations

Building Problem Analysis

Diagnose, data log, and correct building or equipment issues and provide solutions

Measurement & Verification

Measure and verify to ensure savings and proper operating efficiencies

Performance & Capacity Testing

Test equipment performance to ensure it is operating at design capacity or for maximum efficiency

Utility Rebate Programs

Comply with utility companies’ criteria for rebate programs

Our process will improve your building systems and equipment functions as well as lower your operations and maintenance costs

Our goal is to get your systems operating at highest efficiency while maintaining comfort and air quality

Why Have EAPC Commission Your Project?

A More Detailed Report
We will provide recommendations on newly installed equipment to enhance life expectancy as well as equipment life expectancy according to ASHRAE standards for use in long term planning and budgeting.

No Unnecessary Change Orders
We will minimize change orders by thoroughly reviewing and understanding the design prior to start of construction and by holding contractors accountable.

Post Occupancy Support
We will ensure you got what you paid for by being involved through design, construction, occupancy, and beyond, conducting monthly teleconferences to check for issues as well as perform the standard 10-month inspection. Onsite inspections sooner than 10-months will be performed if needed.

Comprehensive Device Testing
Many Cx companies test a 10-15% sampling of new devices. Approximately 15-20 new VAV boxes are tested out of 150 total. EAPC will test them all.

We Have Five Decades of Experience to Leverage
For more than 50 years, our firm has been designing buildings that focus on energy reduction, improved air quality, and the social sustainability of the people using the building. Our engineers are uniquely qualified to understand the BOD and OPR as well as spot deficiencies in the design because we do this on every project we’re involved in. When we design a building, we conduct internal peer review on every project in order to guarantee the best design solutions are executed.

Additionally, our team consists of architects, structural engineers mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers. Our commissioning engineers double as mechanical and electrical designers, giving them practical experience in the design and construction of facilities and solutions that actually work. Some parameters can be calculated to provide a basic idea for design requirements, however, some engineering can’t be done with mathematics. It takes real life, lessons learned experience, and we’ve got five decades of it.