Designs that stand the test of time.

Civil engineers provide the design expertise needed for elements outside of the building such as parking, sidewalks, streets, and utilities. EAPC provides concept and design, bid documents, bid award and construction review, as well as operations and maintenance.

Civil Planning and Design Services

  • Site development and utility services from planning through design and construction
  • Street and parking lot layouts, planning, design, and construction
  • Exterior site and street lighting
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial land use planning and development
  • PUD and CUP planning
  • Drainage reports and design
  • Surface treatment options for streets and parking lots
  • Land planning and zoning support
  • Rural sanitary sewer system reports
  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans
  • Streetscape
  • County roads and city streets
  • Bridge and culvert design and construction
  • Low volume and off system bridges and culverts
  • Facility and municipal operations and maintenance support services
The Minot State University Herb Parker Stadium required the relocation of major city storm water, sanitary sewer, and water main utilities, handicap access design, and parking improvements for game day operations.
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Civil engineers and structural engineers typically have much of the same training. The civil engineer specializes in areas of public utilities, site development, transportation, drainage and construction, while a structural engineer is a civil engineer who has extensive training and experience specializing in structures of all types.

We work with public entities and private developers/owners in planning and budgeting for improvements and preparing plan concepts. Once an owner has settled on a final plan concept, our civil engineers prepare the necessary drainage/storm water reports, environmental clearances, and state and federal funding/permit documents to take a project from concept to design. During the design phase, the civil and structural engineers work cooperatively to site the structure, set elevations, and evaluate soil borings in order to efficiently advance project designs.

We are not only able to offer our clients projects that can be efficiently and economically built, but projects that will look good and fit into their environment. We offer professional design services for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial projects as well as Bridges, Drainage Structures, Rural Highways, and Urban Roads. Our in house architects help make our designs aesthetically pleasing as well as functional to stand the test of time.

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When you have a piece of property to develop, public infrastructure or facility to build or improve, or a building addition, remodel, or re-build to complete, keep EAPC in mind.