Engineering is an exact science. If it’s not exactly right, it’s wrong.

If it’s wrong, the system will operate inefficiently and fail prematurely.

Each component must be carefully selected so that it complements the others and contributes to the performance and reliability of the overall system. At EAPC, we’ve been designing and constructing large scale civil and commercial projects for decades. We know that system integrity ensures reliability, efficiency, and value for our clients. Our team of Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical engineers utilizes the latest technology and techniques to ensure that all systems function to their full potential and that those systems meld together into a facility or development that surpasses all requirements and expectations.

We do it right on time, and we do it right on budget. At EAPC, we do it right.


Specializing in the analysis and design of foundations and structures of all types.


Specializing in HVAC, air quality, plumbing, fire protection, temperature control, commissioning, and much more.


Specializing in the design of various electrical systems including power distribution, lighting, fire alarm and detection, voice and data systems, and power studies.


EAPC offers an array of Commissioning, ReCommissioning, and RetroCommissioning services to guarantee building Owners that their facilities are operating efficiently and meeting their needs.


We know what to look for when system failure occurs, and we know where to look.