Immanuel Lutheran Church,
Grand Forks, ND

We worked with EAPC to formulate our ideas and put a plan on paper. We are very happy with the way the project turned out, especially hearing a lot of compliments on the fellowship hall and the incorporation of the stain glass windows into that project. We also are very pleased on how the design of the new roof is incorporated into the existing building. We now have a very functional, remodeled building that has been brought up to code that will serve the congregation for many years into the future.

– Robert Drees, Chairman

Park Nicollet Struthers Parkinson’s Center, Golden Valley, MN

We are really pleased with the outcome of our project, and very grateful to EAPC for their work and attention to detail throughout the process. They carefully listened to our input, ensuring that the unique needs of people with Parkinson’s were addressed. Special thanks to Stan Schimke, who always went “the extra mile” to ensure timelines were met throughout the project!

– Rose Wichmann PT, Manager

Alexander Public Schools, Alexander, ND

My experience with EAPC has been nothing but positive. I am a new school superintendent in the Bakken Oil Industrial area, our enrollment has grown four fold, and we are in need of more room. I chose EAPC as my architects in an expansion to double the size of our existing building. I am so grateful I did. EAPC was so easy to work with, they spoke to me in terms I understood and explained everything. The step-by-step process set out for me was manageable and non-threatening. After working with them, I felt confident to address my school board, staff, and community. When questions arose for which I had no answer, they were always available in a helpful manner. I feel as though I have been walking through this process with a friend. Thank you EAPC! You are the Best!

– Leslie Bieber, Superintendent

Grenora Public School District,
Grenora, ND

The Grenora School Board, Administration, and Faculty would like to thank EAPC for the tremendous job they have done over the last few months for the new school building project. They have been a wonderful group to work with! They are very knowledgeable in all areas with a great work ethic. I highly recommend EAPC for all projects… they are GREAT!!

– Troy Walters, Superintendent

Calvary Lutheran Church, Grand Forks, ND

We were pleased to have EAPC as our architectural partners on the recent addition to our church building. It was a long three year process and they were there with us every step of the way, patiently listening to our initial ideas, creating drawings for the congregation to discuss and vote on, and then graciously drawing modified plans in response to comments and feedback from the congregation. They worked well with our general contractor, with the volunteer team of people representing the church, and with the staff overseeing the project. Throughout, we found the architects and designer to be patient, responsive, budget conscious, and capable professionals. We would happily recommend them.

– Pastor Kristen Larsen-Schmidt

On behalf of the members of Calvary Lutheran Church in Grand Forks, I want to thank EAPC for your professional, creative, and team-spirited cooperation in helping us with our recently completed building expansion. We are so happy with how it turned out. It was wonderful to work with you.

– Pastor Roger Dykstra

Stanley Fire Department, Stanley, ND

EAPC really understands what it takes to design a fire station. They did a great job of not only integrating what our current needs are, but what our future needs might be. It was a very enlightening and eye-opening experience for us.

– Ryan Wilhelmi, Stanley Fire Chief

Baymont Inn & Suites, Grand Forks, ND

Thank you for designing such a beautiful building. We are all so happy with how the hotel turned out.

– Chris Connelly, Beth Miller, and Mark Connelly

University of Jamestown, Jamestown, ND

We are absolutely thrilled with our new science building! I can tell the architects really listened to us and cared about the needs of our faculty and students! To have all of the sciences together in one building is a real luxury. The building design is open and welcoming, allowing plenty of natural light to infuse into the classrooms and labs and we absolutely love the atrium! The labs are set up in a way that allows simultaneous use by multiple instructors while maintaining a good flow of traffic. Students often need more private spaces to meet and study and they are making good use of the many lounges and study rooms throughout the building. I understand that the blending of the “old” building with the “new” was challenging, but the result is so interesting architecturally. It just doesn’t feel like a typical University classroom building. Thank you again for such a beautiful space! It will serve us well for years to come!

– Penny Briese, Department of Nursing, University of Jamestown

EAPC has done a tremendous job tying together the renovation of our existing science facility and our new lab science facility into a state-of-the-art complex. They have been easy to work with and have kept us on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the science facility design world.

-Tom Heck, VP Business Affairs, University of Jamestown

Altru Health System, Grand Forks, ND

Working with Dan and his team from EAPC, has been a great experience. They have listened to our needs and offered excellent suggestions of how we can use our space. Our inpatient areas are just beautiful and will provide an excellent healing environment for our patients. Thanks for all your hard work and expertise. I know our patients are going to love it!

– Karla Bruce, RN, BSN, Rehab Nursing and 3 East Manager

Working with the staff from EAPC on the Altru Specialty Center project has been instrumental in the design of efficient flow for our Surgical patients. Their expertise in facility design and regulatory requirements supported us through our decision making on the project. With decreasing reimbursement for healthcare services, designing facilities that will improve efficiency is important for healthcare organizations to survive in current conditions.

– Loree Alberts, Manager of Same Day Surgery, Endoscopy Center & Outpatient Procedure Center, and Pre Procedure Center

The contractors were extremely considerate to the areas they were working in. They worked around the physicians and nurses to allow them to provide complete patient care throughout the project. There were many elements related to construction in the healthcare setting that the contractors complied with. They were a great group to work with.

-Nancy Klatt, RN, Altru Cancer Center Manager

EAPC Architects Engineers has been a partner we rely on for many years. They do a great job working with us and our contractors in the planning, programming, and design process. They are very knowledgeable with life safety and other healthcare regulatory standards which play a part in our projects.

– Dan Beauchamp, Facilities Manager

Red River High School, Grand Forks, ND

The exciting part about [the Performance Hall Addition] project is that we were involved every step of the way. We felt as a user group we had a huge amount of input; we knew what we were getting and EAPC delivered. We are positively delighted and think EAPC knocked it out of the park.

-Brad Sherwood, Choral Director, Red River High School Fine Arts Dept

If you were planning a project that would impact the next 30-50 years of your organization, why wouldn’t want to work with a company like EAPC? EAPC is a professional company with a creative staff. They provide the communication and relationships that help ensure a successful project that will impact the future of your organization. Thank you to EAPC for creating a building that opens up whole new worlds of experience and education for many classes of students to come.

-Dean Opp, Director, Summer Performing Arts

City of Grand Forks Fire Department, ND

[EAPC Principal,] Alan Dostert, is and has been, a pleasure to work with when designing, building, or even remodeling a fire station with us. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable about trends in the fire service and what works. I believe it to be because he has found a passion for fire station planning. On top of that, he has a great sense of humor which I find to be important in relationship building.

-Peter O’Neill, Grand Forks Fire Chief

Choice Health & Fitness, Grand Forks, ND

EAPC + OLC did a wonderful job designing our building and meeting the needs of all ages of our population. Hiring this team is the right call for anyone also considering a medical component to their wellness building.

– Cam Tweten, Former General Manager

EAPC and OLC [is] a very competent architect team to design and supervise the building of community and university wellness centers… The new center is literally the rave of the community. Membership levels reached a five year projection mark in just six months… On top of that, the project came in under budget and ahead of schedule. So much of the center’s success was due to the expertise of the architect team. The design of the facility provided so much to the success in membership sales. The layout of the various activity centers is so very important to inviting and retaining membership levels.

– John Staley, Consultant and UND Instructor

North Dakota Farmers Union,
Jamestown, ND

The EAPC employees were great to work with, pleasant and professional. The design was excellent, the finished product is very functional and eye-appealing. As far as the design and appearance of the finished product, we are extremely satisfied.

-Gary Orman, Former Staff Executive Director

New Frontier Renewable Energy

I highly recommend EAPC for all of your wind energy consulting and service needs. As President of New Frontier Renewable Energy, I hired Jay Haley and his team to help develop two 99 MW wind farms south of Velva, ND. EAPC conducted the wind resource assessment site-selection, met tower installation, data collection and analyses, wind farm design and layout, energy assessment, cost analyses and permitting support. EAPC proved to be an excellent choice. With over 30 years experience, they are highly professional and skilled engineers and analysts. The quality of their work, customer communications and business insights was exceptional. Moreover, they are enjoyable to work with and bring credibility and value to all projects they are associated with.

-Barry Jennings, New Frontier Renewable Energy President

Minot State University, Minot, ND

EAPC president Alan Dostert along with other firm personnel has been very responsive to every request for meeting support or information. Since signing their initial contract with Minot State University, EAPC has now opened a branch office in Minot. This only enhances their ability to play a larger role in the western region of the state. I can recommend EAPC to you with no hesitation or reservations whatsoever.

-Dick Jenkins, Vice President for Student Affairs

The EAPC team did great work in designing our athletic complex at Herb Parker Stadium. The installation of FieldTurf, new lighting and seating has been a great addition to our campus and EAPC was a great partner throughout the process. Their team was very responsive to our requests and provided excellent communication. We look forward to completing our press box/suite project in the next few months.

-Rick Hedberg, Athletic Director

When things get tough, and they always do in construction projects, these guys always pull a rabbit out of their hat. We continue to partner with EAPC because they do this for us every time. Our wellness center is a centerpiece—a crown jewel—for the campus. Everyone loves this building!

-Brian Foisy, Former Vice President for Administration & Finance

Basin Electric Wind Projects

As Manager of Alterative Technologies for Basin Electric, I was the project manager for Basin Electric’s two large wind projects:

  • A 120 MW wind project near Minot, ND, consisting of 80 – 1.5 MW wind turbines
  • A 162 MW wind project located near White Lake, SD, consisting of 108 – 1.5 MW wind turbines

EAPC provided wind farm design and energy assessment for both these projects. In addition, we purchased the wind analysis software, WindPRO, from EAPC, and EAPC provided thorough training for my engineers to use that software. In all cases, EAPC’s work and performance was highly professional and provided good value to the projects. In particular, I want to note the site energy assessment provided by EAPC for the Crow Lake Project. This document was effective and valuable in our financing and permitting efforts related to the project. I can recommend EAPC without reservation and will not hesitate to engage their services for future projects.

-Ron Rebenitsch, PE, MBA, Energy Engineering, Inc. President

Heart of America, Rugby, ND

Over the last 15 years, we have been involved in several projects and have had a positive outcome each time. Before a project is started they provide open forums with staff reviewing the details of the project. The Board has been extremely pleased with the process. We have repeatedly used EAPC because of their professional approach to each and every one of our projects. We will continue to have a partnership with them.

-Jerry Jurena, Heart of America Past CEO

Turning Point Management, Mankato, MN

I have known and worked with EAPC since 2004. EAPC has performed wind assessment data collection services, park analysis and other related performance measurements as requested over the past five years. These services were provided for two – 100 MW projects currently in full operation that were commissioned in 2005 and 2008.Both projects were built with GE turbines and EAPC provided all related engineering services related to wind assessment. In addition, EAPC has performed the engineering services related to wind data assessment for additional projects of 150 MW and 49.5 MW currently in the final stages of development. All this being said, these referenced projects have been funded or are in the process of being funded. More importantly, the wind assessment provided by EAPC prior to commissioning of these projects has properly assessed and forecasted the wind resource and resultant energy. TPM has and will continue to use EAPC in the future for renewable energy projects. Further, TPM will also recommend EAPC to other projects to perform the needed and required wind assessment services.

-Earl R. Cummings, Turning Point Management President/Founder

Healthcare Facilities, Hallock, MN

I have utilized the services of EAPC for over fifteen years in the health care facilities I have managed. EAPC helped with facility wide infrastructure assessments, a total hospital renovation project, a new medical clinic project, three different nursing home remodeling projects, and an assisted living center. EAPC’s staff truly listens to the client rather telling the client what it needs or by using a “cookie cutter” design approach. My staff’s needs and ideas were actively solicited by EAPC in the preparation leading up to the designs of these various projects. With EAPC’s help, these projects were all completed on time, on budget, and with minimal change orders. The planning of the hospital’s total renovation and construction of an attached clinic was so comprehensive that the only regret we had after the projected was finished was the light switch in the lab should have been at the north door rather than the east door! I value integrity and competency with the vendors I use and EAPC epitomizes those two values. I would highly recommend without hesitation the architectural and engineering services of EAPC.

-Richard J. Failing, Past Director