Bid Date: Friday, September 18 @ 2PM

This project consists of removal of asphalt surfacing, concrete sidewalks, aggregate surfacing and concrete driveways within the demolition area and a restoration of that area to existing contours with topsoil and seeding.  The proposed site consists of concrete driveways, sidewalk and water/sewer services for the proposed 8 units and a 24’ aggregate access road.  A new 8IN PVC gravity-fed sanitary sewer main with manholes and a new 6IN PVC water main and fire hydrant will be installed to serve the new development area. The building component of the project consists of the demolition and removal of 19 existing dwellings which were recently abated, and the addition of 8 new pre-manufactured homes. Concrete footings for the buildings with mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections to infrastructure and the new housing units are also included.

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