Bid Date: Wednesday, September 14 @ 2 PM

This project consists of remove and replace legislative wing air handler systems. Modifications to air distribution and ducting of systems serving legislative wing as well as piping system including a shell and tube heat exchanger for utilization when steam is available and a natural gas boiler when steam is not available. Remove and replace water cooled chiller in Judicial wing. Remove and replace Haugland room heat pumps with hot water fin tube and chilled water fan coils. Phased modifications to existing judicial wing heating water system including the Phase 1 addition of supplemental natural gas boilers and the Phase 2 removal of an existing shell and tube heat exchanger to be replaced by another natural gas boiler. General and Mechanical demolition and cleanup above legislative chambers’ suspended ceilings. New Doors and hardware, wall demo, painting, and smoke partition work. Modifications to fire sprinklers in mechanical rooms due to new room layouts. Phased work to be coordinated with owner and schedule of Legislative Session.

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