Bid Date: Thursday, July 30 @ 4 PM

This project is funded by National Disaster Resilience Program and consists of the following scope of work:

  1. Replacement of existing cast iron main wastewater plumbing stacks.
  2. Remodel of bathrooms for all apartments in the building.
  3. Replacement of lighting fixtures throughout building.
  4. Replacement of storefront systems/curtain walls on first floor and at stairways.
  5. Replacement of door hardware at first floor doors.
  6. Installation of security cameras.
  7. Installation of a back up generator.
  8. Modernization of elevator system
  9. Conversion of single bedroom units into 2 bedroom units.
  10. Remodel of designated units.
  11. Replacement of existing flooring.
  12. Painting.

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