In today’s business environment there are constants that all companies can count on each and every year: your costs are going up and your customers want to pay less.

What is a company to do?

Some companies wait to act and hope things change for the better, while others decide to down-size their company and lay-off critical employees to make ends meet.

At EAPC, we think there is a better way to control your costs, eliminate waste, and enhance the value your customer pays for in your products and services… it’s called Business Excellence.

EAPC Business Excellence offers tools and competencies to our customers to ensure we…

Identify the opportunities to eliminate waste, improve flow, and reduce variation

Execute on the improvements

Support your teams to sustain the improvements over the long term

Build a culture of empowered employees constantly seeking out improvements


To support our customers in their improvement journey and help them deliver the greatest value to their customers at the lowest cost.


With over 20 years of experience addressing these opportunities in both product and service business environments, we offer a talented team with a bias toward executing and delivering results to their customers.

We provide

An assessment of the opportunities in your business with a road map to recognizing these opportunities

On-site training with direct application of the training to your business

Project management ranging from coaching/facilitating your teams to leadership of a project to completion