Planning without action is a dream.
Action without planning is a nightmare.

We help companies understand the value of defining strategy and plans to execute the strategy so you can realize your dreams without the nightmares.

Strategic and Tactical Business Planning

Utilizing the Hoshin Planning process will help you establish ‘Breakthrough’ strategic goal plans, one-year tactical plans aligned with your strategic goals, resource matrices to understand where gaps exist to accomplish your goals, and a daily management structure to ensure goal attainment with the use of a ‘Balanced Scorecard’.

Business-Wide Risk Assessment & Management

Focusing on areas of risk assessment associated with strategic/tactical plans, financial, and health, safety, and environmental aspects of your business.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Training on the use of QFD and how to apply it to your process or actual QFD development by our staff to fit your needs.

Balanced Scorecard

Training your management teams on how to develop SMART goals and Key Process Indicators; developing Balanced Scorecard systems for your business to help align management and the employees with the tactical and strategic goals of your company.

Business Analytics

We can do deep data dives on your company data to determine root causes or help identify significant factors influencing your performance.