A History of Best Practices




Effectively developing stuff and things

“[EAPC Principal], Alan Dostert, is and has been, a pleasure to work with when designing, building, or even remodeling a fire station with us. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable about trends in the fire service and what works. I believe it to be because he has found a passion for fire station planning. On top of that, he has a great sense of humor which I find to be important in relationship building.”

—Peter O’Neill, Grand Forks Fire Chief


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Efficiently improving operations

“EAPC Business Excellence came in and quickly helped our organization identify gaps and opportunities to improve our customer satisfaction. They did a great job in coaching the team in an overarching strategy. Their broad insight helped identify opportunities well beyond the scope of their assignment and helped in the development of our staff.”

Brian Harder, General Manager, CEO
Windkits, LLC, Allentown, PA

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Adapting to change

“Quote about design for school safety.”

Don Moseman or Missy Dodds

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Dynamic design to engage a workforce

“EAPC Architects Engineers has been a partner we rely on for many years. They do a great job working with us and our contractors in the planning, programming, and design process. They are very knowledgeable with life safety and other healthcare regulatory standards which play a part in our projects.”

—Dan Beauchamp, Altru Health System Former Facilities Manager


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