Perspective Design Studio Joins Forces with EAPC Architects Engineers to Enhance Architecture and Engineering Services

Sioux Falls, SD – [June 17, 2024] – EAPC Architects Engineers (EAPC), a leader in comprehensive architecture and engineering services, is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Perspective Design Studio (Perspective), effective May 29, 2024. This partnership signifies a merger of expertise designed to significantly enhance the service offerings to the community of Sioux Falls and across the regions EAPC services. As EAPC continues to expand to better serve their clients, the company is enthusiastic about its future, especially as it approaches its 10th anniversary in Sioux Falls. Since opening in 2015 with a determined team of 2, the Sioux Falls office has grown to boast a multidisciplinary team of 22.

Founded in 2007, Perspective Design Studio has rapidly grown into a highly respected firm with a robust portfolio across healthcare, hospitality, education, and corporate sectors, predominantly serving the Midwest region. Known for their innovative design approach, Perspective brings a complementary skill set to EAPC’s extensive experience and broad capabilities.

Highlights of the Collaboration:

Expanded Capabilities: This collaboration brings together Perspective’s compelling design strategies with EAPC’s robust engineering and architecture expertise. As a unified team, this partnership will support a more comprehensive array of projects, meeting client needs with greater efficiency and enhanced effectiveness.

Enhanced Service Quality: By leveraging combined resources, the partnership is positioned to elevate the quality of services provided. Access to advanced technologies and innovative methodologies will enable the delivery of more sophisticated and sustainable design solutions.

Increased Project Flexibility and Reach: The partnership allows for undertaking larger and more complex projects. This expanded capacity not only improves our flexibility to serve diverse client needs but also extends our geographical reach, ensuring comprehensive support for projects across new regions.

“As we welcome Perspective Design Studio into the EAPC family, we are not merely expanding our resources; we are elevating our capacity to innovate and deliver exceptional architecture and engineering solutions,” explained EAPC Partner Leap Chear. “This partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission to surpass client expectations through thoughtful and innovative design. It represents a remarkable advantage for our clients, creating a win-win-win scenario, and we are excited about the new opportunities it will create.”

Jim Bruget, President of Perspective Design Studio, added, “Joining EAPC represents a pivotal moment for Perspective. This partnership will enable us to reach new clients with enhanced capabilities that only a larger, multi-disciplined firm like EAPC can offer. We are excited about the new possibilities this partnership offers for our clients and our team.”

About EAPC Architects Engineers: EAPC Architects Engineers has been providing multidisciplinary architecture and engineering services for over 57 years. With a network of 10 offices and a team of nearly 200 professionals, EAPC offers comprehensive design solutions across various sectors, including Civic, Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Education, and Industrial.

About Perspective Design Studio: Established in 2007 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Perspective Design Studio specializes in architecture and design across multiple sectors, with a strong emphasis on creating innovative and functional spaces tailored to the needs of each client.

For further information, please contact:
Lori Bakken
Director of Marketing