EAPCers Network for Success

On May 21, 2024, Robi Haberman, Paige Riddle, and Kristen McReynolds from the EAPC Sioux Falls office participated in a Women in Business event held in Harrisburg, SD. The event, hosted by Quoin Bank in south Sioux Falls, brought together local women from the Harrisburg Chamber. Robi played a key role in the event by hosting a panel titled “Building a Web of Strong Connections.” Robi led the discussion with four panelists using questions she designed to create an engaging and insightful session. Their valuable perspectives contributed to a lively and informative dialogue.

EAPC’s Director of Business Excellence Kristen McReynolds shared, “Robi joined our Women in Business committee with the Harrisburg Chamber as our Young Professional Representative. She brings a fresh perspective to our educational content and creative ideas for engaging women at all career stages.”

The panel’s discussion emphasized the importance of being intentional about the connections one makes, regardless of their size. Robi highlighted, “Be intentional about the connections you make – big or small! You never know what doors that connection can open for you.” This point stressed that even minor connections can lead to significant opportunities, underscoring the value of mindful networking.

Another practical topic was the ability to pivot quickly in challenging situations. The panelists stressed the importance of adaptability and resilience, encouraging attendees to discover how they can pivot quickly when facing obstacles. This skill is essential for overcoming challenges and progressing in one’s career.

The discussion also touched on the importance of controlling what can be controlled. “Don’t dwell on things that are out of your control,” advised one of the panelists. This advice encourages professionals to concentrate on actionable areas rather than getting bogged down by uncontrollable factors.

A recurring theme was self-competition. Robi and the panelists emphasized that individuals should not compare themselves to others but rather focus on their growth. “You are not in competition with anyone but yourself. Focus on you!” This perspective promotes personal development and self-improvement.

Another key point was investing in oneself. The panelists encouraged attendees to prioritize activities that fuel their well-being and growth, such as working out, spending time with family, reading, or practicing self-care. “Invest in yourself! Schedule activities that fuel your well-being and growth. Putting them on your calendar makes them a priority!” This advice underscores the importance of maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life.

An interesting activity suggested by the panel involved writing down ten things one wants in life and ten things one does not want. This exercise helps clarify goals and boundaries, making it easier to avoid undesirable situations. “You will find that the ten things you do not want are easier to avoid than you think,” noted a panelist, highlighting the power of self-awareness.

“The Women in Business committee strives to create a network of strong, capable women who can share their experiences and knowledge, collaborate to solve challenges, and ultimately succeed in their careers while giving back to the Harrisburg Community. This May event demonstrated the positive and supportive energy women share when they come together to learn and grow,” added Kristen.

The recent event in Harrisburg, SD, was a success, providing practical advice and inspiration to all attendees. Robi, Paige, and Kristen’s participation highlighted EAPC Sioux Falls’ commitment to fostering solid connections and empowering women in the business community. Their contributions and insights will undoubtedly inspire and guide many on their professional journeys.

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