EAPC Team Members Achieve NICP CPD Certification in CPTED

EAPC Architects Engineers (EAPC) is proud to announce that Project Designer Andrew Suby and Structural BIM Modeler Rachel Hofmann have recently obtained their NICP CPD certification in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). This significant achievement not only reflects their dedication to personal and professional development but also enhances EAPC’s capability to incorporate safety and security into our design processes from the very beginning.

Joining the ranks of EAPC’s Sean Sugden and Krissy Trowbridge, who previously earned their CPTED certifications, Andrew and Rachel’s accomplishment underscores EAPC’s commitment to integrating advanced safety principles into our architectural and engineering practices.

The National Institute of Crime Prevention (NICP) is a leading organization dedicated to the education and promotion of CPTED principles. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a strategy that brings together community members to examine how an area’s physical design can influence human behavior, reduce crime, reduce fear of crime, and improve the quality of life. CPTED uses various tools to evaluate environmental conditions and implement intervention methods to enhance space and its usage. Whether it is new construction, existing construction, green space, schools, businesses, or neighborhoods, CPTED strategies have proven to be successful.

Rachel Hofmann expressed her enthusiasm for the certification and its implications for future projects:

“How wonderful is it that we get to implement CPTED practices in the design process and make buildings safer before a shovel even hits the ground. I believe that advertising to clients that we have this certification will not only give us a leg up in getting approved proposals but will be an amazing marketing opportunity to get EAPC more recognized in the community as well.”

Andrew Suby also shared his thoughts on the value of this certification and the support from EAPC:

“It is great EAPC has been so encouraging in my personal development into CPTED. Several years ago, Sean started talking about using this and looking into the potential doors it can open. I am quite excited to use the principles of CPTED on all of my projects formally through a CPTED study/review or informally as I design spaces with the background knowledge I am building from.”

EAPC Partner and Architect Sean Sugden emphasized the importance of CPTED certification for the firm and its clients:

“Opportunities for crime are not going away. Having team members like Andrew and Rachel obtain CPTED certification not only enhances our design capabilities but also demonstrates our proactive approach to creating secure environments. This achievement is a testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work.”

The CPTED certification enables EAPC to offer clients innovative and effective design solutions that incorporate best practices for crime prevention. By focusing on environmental design principles that reduce the opportunity for crime, our team is positioned to deliver projects that prioritize safety and security, providing peace of mind to our clients and enhancing the well-being of the communities we serve.

With this latest accomplishment, EAPC continues to lead the way in integrating advanced safety measures into architectural and engineering design, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of service and expertise.