EAPC is excited to welcome Senior Interior Designer Mary Parker to our St. Paul office.

Mary earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the Art Institutes International – Minnesota. She brings 10 years of design experience with her to EAPC with a focus in Healthcare Design. She is a Certified Interior Designer, a Certified Healthcare Interior Designer, and holds Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification.

In her last role, Mary was an interior design lead at an engineering firm in Minneapolis where she fostered the growth of the interiors department, expanded long-term business relationships with VA and NCA staff, and was actively invested in the professional development of junior staff and interns.

When asked what drives her passion for the healthcare sector, Mary shares that she enjoys how technically complex the designs are. She also has many friends who are nurses and says hearing about their experiences helps to inform her designs. Mary is looking forward to the opportunity to design for patients and caregivers. “A lot of my experience is working for the VA where the facilities team sometimes had more influence on the design than desired. I’m excited for the creative freedom to start designing with a heavier focus on the occupants.”

“We are thrilled to add Mary’s perspective, creativity, and healthcare interiors experience to our team. From the first day Mary was in the office, her spirit of collaboration was obvious, and her energy has brought some great dynamics to our design conversations. I’m looking forward to seeing all that Mary can achieve with our group.” – Dan Abeln, Healthcare Director

Part of what drew Mary to EAPC was our continued work with tribal nations as she is a registered member of the White Earth Nation.

Alongside working in interior design, Mary has also spent the last 20 years working part time in the restaurant business as a bartender. “It really sharpens your interpersonal skills – how to get to know people and you learn to be able to read them.”

In her free time, Mary enjoying running, hiking, playing golf, reading, and cooking. She is currently hoping to run in the Gandy Dancer Marathon which will be held in Wisconsin in October!

Welcome to our interiors team, Mary!