EAPC is excited to welcome BIM Modeler Lisbeth Fajardo to our Phoenix office.

Lisbeth earned her Associates of Arts from Phoenix College in 2015 and graduated in December with her CAD Fundamentals CCL from Glendale Community College.

Lisbeth says her love of building has been with her since she was a kid, always admiring the buildings in downtown Phoenix.

“I was building house tents and forts with my best friend as a child. I always liked to draw buildings and houses as a kid too.”

When it was time to step into the workforce, Lisbeth says EAPC caught her attention.

“I was really excited about all the possibilities to grow in the architectural field and at this firm.”

She says she’s most excited to grow in the engineering department and learn more about complicated and technical builds. Lisbeth hopes to become a manager in the future.

In her free time, Lisbeth enjoys relaxing hobbies like coloring, reading, and doing puzzles.

Welcome to EAPC Lisbeth!