National Engineering Week, also known as “Discover Engineering,” is a week-long celebration of the engineering profession and its impact on the world.

The event, which takes place annually in the United States during the third week of February, aims to inspire the next generation of engineers and promote diversity and inclusion in the field.

The celebration has its roots in the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), an organization established in the 1920s to promote the engineering profession and the interests of licensed professional engineers. In 1951, the NSPE started celebrating National Engineers Week, initially held for just one day, in conjunction with George Washington’s birthday. Over the years, the event grew in popularity and expanded to a week of activities designed to increase public awareness of engineering and its impact on society.

The week’s focus has always been to inspire and educate young people about the possibilities of a career in engineering.

“At EAPC Architects Engineers, we focus on growing our young talent. We love bringing on engineering student interns and hiring them full-time after graduation. It’s a win-win, EAPC senior engineers mentor these young emerging professionals, and EAPC, in return, gets a productive engineer day one after graduation,” explained Jim Tyler, EAPC Partner and Mechanical Engineer.

National Engineering Week includes various activities that take place nationwide, such as hands-on engineering workshops, school visits, and public demonstrations, all designed to show young people the exciting and creative side of engineering. It is also an opportunity for engineers to showcase their work, share their experiences, and demonstrate the positive impact that engineering has on society.

“Taking the time out of our often-busy schedules to present or otherwise connect with students and inspire potential future engineers goes beyond the professional obligation. Giving back to society in this manner is something that I’ve found rewarding and worthwhile. I encourage others to participate in professional associations or find ways to contribute and give back to the profession,” added Sam Wilke, EAPC Partner and Structural Engineer.

One of the critical objectives of National Engineering Week is to promote diversity and inclusion in the engineering profession. The event aims to encourage girls and underrepresented groups to consider engineering as a career and to show them the wide range of opportunities available in the field. It also provides a platform for organizations and companies to highlight the importance of diversity and demonstrate their commitment to creating a more inclusive workplace culture.

EAPC Mechanical Designer Alexis Barton suggests, “To any young female considering a career in engineering, I would say go for it. There are so many opportunities in the engineering world for everyone. Being part of a team that welcomes everyone has been fantastic. Learning from others and being able to pass on the knowledge I have gained in the engineering field has been very rewarding. Watching the progress of building construction and seeing the final product is incredible.”

National Engineering Week is a one-of-a-kind event celebrating engineers making a difference in our world.