Welcome Tanner Ring

EAPC is pleased to welcome Tanner Ring, Process Engineer II to our Industrial Services Grand Forks team.

Tanner earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of North Dakota and began his career as an Engineer in Training at American Crystal Sugar Company. He directly managed capital projects, provided engineering and project management support, and worked rotations in a variety of departments including engineering, process, maintenance, control systems, environmental compliance, safety, and quality lab. Tanner transitioned into the role of Factory Engineer where he designed solutions ensuring reliability, safety, and energy efficiency according to best practices within the industry.

During his time at ACSC Tanner managed some of the most technically complex capital projects the sugar industry has to offer. “Becoming a process engineer at EAPC was a great fit because it allows me to continue working closely with the sugar industry while also branching out into others to further my knowledge and become more well-rounded. I also looked forward to opportunities with EAPC to directly put my passions and education in sustainable energy to greater use.”

As Tanner worked closely with EAPC’s Industrial Services department for years, he knew coming in this was a fantastic team and a great company. “Now I still work very closely with ACSC and the sugar industry, so it’s been an interesting transition! Working on sugar projects feels like I didn’t quite leave, but then I’ll work on a project for another industry and feel like everything is brand new. I also think being a client working on a plant expansion gave me a unique perspective of both sides of the table.”

Tanner says he is loving his new job so far. “Moving forward I hope to help EAPC partner with some new industrial clients, particularly in the biofuels sector. I also want to continue assisting with the Drayton plant expansion and help them meet and exceed their goals for slice increases and gains in energy efficiency. I’m looking forward to being able to work more closely with other sugar companies in the area and lend the expertise I have gained through expanding the Drayton plant.” Tanner said he will be working towards his PE licensure over the next few years.

Tanner and his wife Sarahbeth have a daughter, Rhetta, two cats Charlie and Lola, and two basset hounds, Stella and Wallace. Tanner and Sarahbeth consider themselves foodies and enjoy traveling and cooking together. He also enjoys hunting, biking, watching movies, spending time at the lake, and is an avid reader/listener of audiobooks and podcasts.

Welcome to EAPC!