Welcome Back Renee Holthaus

EAPC is happy to welcome back Mechanical Designer Renee Holthaus, to the Grand Forks office.

Renee began her mechanical career at EAPC in 2005 where she contributed to the success of the team for 13 years. After leaving EAPC, Renee served many roles at Holy Family Church in Grand Forks including Development Director, Pastoral Assistant, Volunteer Coordinator, and Religious Education Director. Coming back to EAPC was an easy decision.

“I was missing the work I did at EAPC, plus being asked to return a couple of times, and having two little boys all helped in my decision to come back to EAPC.”

Renee says the welcome back to a familiar place was nice. “What was funny though was hardly anything has changed. While working at the church, every day something was different, but here, everything is the same, I’m even at the same desk I was at before, so in a way, it was just like coming home!”













As a family, Renee said they love to camp, hunt, fish, and visit with friends and family.

Renee and her husband Andy are blessed with five children ranging from age 16 to 4 months: Nathan, Avery, Olivia, Frederick, and Jeffrey.

Welcome back to EAPC, Renee!