Welcome Philip Stahl

We are pleased to welcome Philip Stahl as Senior Architect and Medical Planner.

Located in our Fargo office, Phil will provide his architectural services to our 11 offices with a current focus in assisting EAPC’s healthcare team in Phoenix.

Phil earned his Bachelor in Architecture from North Dakota State University, and began his career in 1994 as a Job Captain/Designer with a local Grand Forks firm, then joining another local firm in Fargo as a Project Architect. With ambition and a love for design, Phil started his own architecture firm in 2000, Stahl Architects & Builders PLLLC, in Fargo.

Some of Phil’s favorite project types have been where the client is making a true difference in this world.


“The Roger Maris Cancer Center (designed by another colleague) and my role as a PM in Sanford’s Construction & Planning department will remain my deepest, most fulfilling, even heart-wrenching project. My wife Melanie was literally an ’end-user’ during the project which made our formal education and processes deadly serious. Another client, Fraser Ltd., a Fargo based, 100+ year-old multi-faceted social service, has been another deeply fulfilling series of projects serving our at-risk teens. But like Frank Lloyd Wright said in so many words, ‘It’s always the next one’!”











For the past 22 years Phil has served as an adjunct faculty member and guest lecturer/critic at NDSU. He is a registered architect in MN and ND along with 15 other states and has worked in every aspect of building design and construction as a registered architect, gaining extensive healthcare experience throughout his career. In 2005 Phil earned the national AIA honor being the IDP Firm of the Year in intern development and he spoke nationally at AIA and regional AIA conferences around that time, contributing to AIA book on best practices for intern development. Phil spent three years as an Architect/Project Manager for Sanford Health in Fargo. Phil believes, “Healthcare is so much bigger than yourself and deeply touches everyone’s life at some point. If there ever was a cause, helping those in need is deeply fulfilling.”

Phil says he has had a great career so far and is excited to work with everyone at EAPC. “Lots of lessons learned in my journey and I hope to apply them in my new role as well as offering them up to all the young architects and designers.” His advice to those beginning their journey: (1) Wait a day on that terse email you are about to send. (2) You will always be learning, so be patient and be kind. (3) And perhaps most importantly…forgive yourself and others.

Alan Dostert, EAPC president has known Phil for some time.

“For those of you who know Phil, what I’m about to say will be nothing new to you. He is a truly selfless, honest, and good person. The real delight is that he also happens to be very talented as a professional and also very talented in mentoring others. Phil has mentored some of the very best talents in our region and I know his early mentoring of those folks has been a keystone to their development and success!”









Phil and his wife Melanie have been married 28 years, live in Hawley MN, and have three kids, two cats, and a husky.

Mel is a cancer survivor and Phil says she is his warrior princess who loves landscaping and tending to her flowers, a good movie, and COFFEE! “Me too! We love hanging out on our porch (you are all welcome anytime!) We love Itasca, farmscapes, outdoors, and just windshield time getting lost in rural Midwest.”

Phil also loves 70’s jeeps, Humvees, ALL sci-fi/fantasy movies, and chronic remodeling of their house. “It’s an addiction really, basically I’m a maker who can never settle on one hobby.”

Welcome to our EAPC family, Phil!