We are pleased to welcome Aaron Kinslow, Mechanical Engineer, to our Engineering Department in our Fargo office.

“Tearing things apart and putting them back together… it was very intriguing to me knowing how it all works.”

Aaron Kinslow dismantled it all, from vehicles to electronics to whatever was in front of him. That curiosity and determination propelled him to earning an A.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Minnesota State Community and Technical College and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from North Dakota State University.

We are pleased to welcome Aaron to our Fargo office and have his experience and the skills sets resulting from it, applied to many great projects happening for our EAPC clients.

Aaron and his wife Tera, and son Riggs

Aaron’s career so far has included working as a Co-Op Engineer at American Crystal Sugar Company where he designed structural safety platforms, heat exchangers and pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and fire/explosion prevention systems. He was also a Composite Research Engineering Assistant at NDSU where he designed flax fiber products including golf clubs, helmets, shingles, and paddle boards.




More recently, Aaron’s employment as a Mechanical Engineer with Home Heating, Plumbing, & AC enabled him to design HVAC light-industrial, light-institutional, dental, light-commercial and residential systems, resulting in managing over 50 projects.



Goalies Aaron has coached and coaches that he works with

In line with tearing down and rebuilding things, Aaron is a hockey coach and runs a year-long hockey school for 6-22 year old’s.

“My passion for hockey started young and continues to this day with working with young athletes in helping them achieve their goals and to see their growth. These athletes keep me young. In engineering, learning the process of how things work from rebuilding an old car to remodeling a home, keeps you involved and educated in the steps needed to get things to work properly and what is needed from start to finish. From hockey to engineering the common denominator is patience…and practice is needed to get it right.”

Welcome to EAPC, Aaron!