Welcome Back Russ Pfaff

We are pleased to welcome back Russ Pfaff, Project Designer, to our Architectural Department in our Fargo office.

Russ was an Architectural CAD Specialist and Project Designer at EAPC from November 2017 to August 2019. Since, he had been using his experience and expertise as an Instructor of Architectural Drafting and Estimating Technology at NDSCS. “I wanted to give this a shot for three years. It was really challenging with the presence of COVID and learning how to adapt on the fly. Teaching from my basement during this time was difficult, but the pandemic also led to new technology, like using really cool cameras, and a department-wide push toward going paperless by implementing iPlan tables.”

Russ says one of his favorite parts of his teaching experience was that his fellow faculty allowed him the freedom to change up the curriculum a bit and make it his own. He instructed on Revit, Renovations, and Architectural Presentation.

With his return to EAPC, Russ is diving right in to help his fellow teammates. “It is a very exciting time to be rejoining the team at EAPC! The office is buzzing with new people and new projects. I’m excited to get to work helping on whatever projects get sent my way and use my Revit education experience to help streamline the modelling process.”















Outside of work, Russ stays very busy with his daughter June who turns four in July. He says his wife Drea is incredibly supportive of his evolving career path and also his primary extra-curricular activity, music. “I’m the drummer in a handful of local and regional bands including The Gina Powers Band, The Cropdusters, and Hardwood Groove. If you ask me what I’m doing on any given weekend, it’s likely my answer will include playing a show with at least one of those groups.”

Last year Russ had shows in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. He says he is hopeful to add a few more states to this list!

Welcome back to EAPC, Russ!