EAPC welcomes Mechanical Engineer, Kevin Dominick to the Phoenix office.

From go cart racing as a youngster to stock car racing as an adult, he knows what it’s like to be in the fast lane.

Intense focus, drive, and sheer determination behind the wheel propelled him to several wins on the track. And his journey to becoming a business owner was steeped with experiences of trusting your teammates and thoughtful strategy.

We are excited for Kevin Dominick, Mechanical Engineering Region Manager, to join our Phoenix office. Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from California State University and soon after began working as an HVAC and Plumbing Design Engineer and an Engineering Project Manager. After gaining valuable experience in the industry, Kevin was well suited to become the owner of his own company DS Engineering, Inc. For the next 15 years, Kevin was the Principal and Engineer-in-Charge of client support, marketing, contracts, strategic planning, fee proposals, budgeting, technical assistance to staff, and project management. His work at DS Engineering, Inc. for design of HVAC and plumbing systems was provided to hospitality/resorts, central plants, biotech/laboratory, medical/hospital, commercial, and government and military projects.

Whether a race car driver or a business owner, Kevin’s philosophy is the same when you speak of loyalty and customer service.

“Being service-minded in our design and construction industry creates trust and valuable relationships for long-term clients. Just like a fine-tuned race car, it’s a lot easier to drive prepared and confident and not have to worry about the rearview mirror!”

A side note on Kevin: You won’t find him at the lake or at any family planned event on Memorial Day. Why? Because this is the greatest day on the racing calendar. Morning: Formula 1 Racing with the Monaco Grand Prix. Afternoon: IndyCar Racing. Evening: NASCAR Cup Series.

“My passion for racing also carries over to the engineering side of my life, focused with solutions and service to get to the finish line! So for any race fans please feel free to join me each Memorial Day for 24 hours of full racing!”

Kevin and his son Brandon with Donnie Shatz (Minot native and World of Outlaws sprint car racer)
Kevin with son Brandon at Perris Speedway