EAPC’s K-12 Education Design Principal, Sean Sugden, has completed the National Institute of Crime Prevention’s course on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

The National Institute of Crime Prevention’s (NICP) Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional Designation is available to those who successfully complete 64 hours of CPTED courses offered through the NICP. The designation is designed for a variety of professionals and provides the skills necessary to deliver comprehensive CPTED programs and assessments to local governments and private sector groups.

Sean successfully completed 64 hours of instruction offered through the NICP within two consecutive years. The course curriculum included 40 hours of training in Basic CPTED and 24 hours of training in Advanced CPTED training.

Basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design training included proper design and effective use of the built and social environment to achieve a more productive use of space and a reduction of crime. Along with plan review, report writing, presentation skills, lighting, planning & zoning, and behavioral management, this course also included a CPTED field assessment.

Advanced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design focused on specialized topics such as parks, public art, schools, terror mitigation, site plan reviews, and color & human behavior – all utilizing CPTED concepts and strategies.

“Due to the increase of safety concerns in our schools and even other project types, I desired further understanding of how to prevent crime beginning with the design process. The CPTED Professional Designation Program provided the in-depth training and tools to actively apply design practices that are proven to prevent and mitigate crime across all interior and exterior building types and spaces.”

—Sean Sugden, Partner and K12 Design Principal