EAPC welcomes Logan Boettcher to the Fargo office as a Mechanical Engineering Intern and EIT

Logan is working within our Industrial Services Group and says he is ready to apply his passion for mechanical engineering and SDSU degree to this position.

“My interest in engineering goes back to high school when I took my first drafting and modeling courses. Being challenged and having the satisfaction of overcoming difficult hurdles was always something I enjoyed. After obtaining my ME degree in August, I am excited to put my knowledge to use and eventually lead a team of my own someday”

Logan said he looks forward to working hard and pursuing his PE license while taking on bigger responsibilities that will benefit EAPC.

Logan spent his engineering internship working for DS Smith in Lester Prairie, MN where he coordinated and assisted with multiple assembly machines, injection mold presses, and facility improvements.

“The most valuable part of my internship was working with various departments on different projects. Not only did this teach me fundamentals of how the engineering world works, but also gave me a variety of new encounters college did not prepare me for.”

Racing dirt bikes had an early influence on Logan, although he said he didn’t know that his racing experiences would contribute to his engineering interest later on.

“I started racing dirt bikes at the age of four. My family has been heavily involved in racing all over the country, so it’s always been in my blood. I have always worked on my own motorcycles, snowmobiles, and vehicles from a young age, which has benefited tremendously on understanding how and why engineers design what they do. Half of the fun was learning how to put things back together when I had no clue what I was getting myself into, all while getting scolded in the process!”

Logan and his girlfriend, Maddie
Logan in Buena Vista, CO
We hope you enjoy your career with EAPC, Logan. Welcome aboard!