Welcome Nate Callens

The Marketing Department is excited to announce Nate Callens as our Marketing Coordinator

Nate has 16+ years of marketing and graphic design experience that will be used in three primary areas at EAPC: social media management, blogging/video, and proposal generation. To help elevate our brand awareness and Thought Leadership positioning, Nate will leverage his experience working for companies such as Border States Electric, Coldwell Banker First Realty, and Razor Consulting Solutions in Fargo.

“Not only is social media necessary for every business, it is unavoidable. Leveraging our four social media platforms will help us expand our branding to position EAPC as the trusted experts and thought leaders in the industry. We want people to think of us first when they think of architects and engineers. The same thing goes for blogging. We have a wealth of knowledge in the company that could and should be shared with our followers and prospective clients, as well as prospective employees and interns.”

As part of a 1-year plan, Nate hopes to increase our Facebook followers by 20%.

“To help get this jumpstarted, I encourage all EAPCers to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, like our Instagram page, and follow our LinkedIn page if they don’t already. That will be a great start.”

Nate also will be speaking with many of our Thought Leaders at EAPC and creating engaging videos to share on social media.

Nate and his wife Melissa are music lovers and have three Devon Rex cats named after some of their favorite musicians: Huey Lewis, Joan Jett, and Stevie Nicks.

Nate and Melissa
The Callens Cats

As a fan of entertaining and music, Nate has been a DJ for a total of 16 years, including 14 of those years owning and operating his business, Boss DJ Services. He has had some interesting experiences, including this one time:

“I was DJing a wedding dance for one of my high school classmates about 10 years ago at a Tupperware building that rents out for events. I had the dance floor bumpin’, and all of a sudden we started to smell smoke coming from the kitchen so we had to evacuate the dancefloor. The stage I was on was right next to the kitchen, and I was worried about my gear! It turns out someone set a box of decorations on the stovetop, and it bumped one of the knobs which turned the burner on. The box started on fire and luckily someone smelled smoke, went in there to check it out, and extinguished it. It’s a good thing they did because it could have spread into the ductwork and torched the whole building. Once the firefighters said things were all clear we got everyone back in and on the dance floor and partied on, albeit in a bit smellier area than it was before. It sure was a memorable night! I guess you could say Boss DJ Services set the house on fire.”

Nate, we look forward to setting our social media efforts on fire! Welcome to EAPC!