EAPC Welcomes Ben Delzer

EAPC welcomes Bismarck native Benjamin Delzer to the Industrial Services Group as a CAD Specialist

Ben is a 2018 UND graduate with a degree in Industrial Technology & Computer Science. He said he is excited to be on the EAPC team and looks forward to providing a unique blended skill set that involves quick learning of technical skills and the enhancement of the workplace environment through developing leadership qualities.

I hope to bring up the liveliness of the work environment while learning principles that will assist in my quest to become an engineer someday.”

During Ben’s college career, he had the opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant for ballroom dance. He said the experience turned into something much bigger and more meaningful than anticipated.

Ballroom got me out of a bad time. I went from rock bottom to a place where I look forward to life. I’ve gained the greatest of friends and a mentor who I talk to daily. Because of these relationships I am now looking forward to getting married in the next two years and I’ve learned the leadership skills needed to lead a team of 15+ people in my business, a business that has now started to take hold of most of my living expenses and is ever growing.”

Tyler, his ballroom instructor, is now Ben’s best friend and business coach.

When I started teaching with Tyler, the environment changed from just learning technique and rules of dancing, to being in an environment that helps students with social anxiety, self-esteem, and confidence.”

Welcome to EAPC, Ben!