EAPC Welcomes Four New Partners

EAPC is pleased to announce the addition of four new partners to the firm

Sean Sugden, senior architect; Anthony Corcoran PE, LEED AP, senior mechanical engineer and mechanical department manager; Cory Vaughn PE, LEED AP, senior electrical engineer and electrical department manager; and Sam Wilke PE, senior structural engineer and structural department manager. Sean, Anthony, Cory, and Sam join current partners Alan Dostert, Jim Tyler, Wayne Dietrich, and Jay Haley.

Sean Sugden
Anthony Corcoran


Cory Vaughn
Sam Wilke

“We are thrilled about the diversity this group brings to our existing partnership,” said Alan Dostert, President and CEO of EAPC.

“Their unique leadership styles and perspectives will propel our growth initiatives and short and long-term strategic planning for EAPC. In their 43 combined years of service to EAPC, this group has excelled in their respective disciplines and have continuously demonstrated their commitment to the betterment of EAPC and the clients we serve.”