EAPCers Pie Each Other in the Face for Charity

Every October, EAPCers give back by holding a company-wide fundraiser


Pie in the Face has been the theme of our Fall Fundraiser for two consecutive years. In 2017, EAPC donated $3,084 to the Fargo-based organization Unseen.

Every year, one of EAPC’s office locations is selected at random and the staff in that office chooses a charity they wish to support. This year, EAPC’s Bemidji office was selected to choose the organization that would benefit from our fundraiser. The local non-profit selected by Bemidji EAPCers was Evergreen Youth & Family Services.

Last year, 12% of the kids who live in Beltrami County were placed out of their homes due to unsafe living conditions. That’s 1,284 kids. Evergreen provides shelter services, food, clothing, school supplies, and more for young people in Beltrami County. Evergreen is also a client of EAPC!

Pie in the Face 2018 raised more money than ever since EAPC started an annual Fall Fundraiser in 2014. Employees across nine office locations raised $3,265!

Bemidji EAPCers with Evergreen Youth and Family Services Executive Director, Dan McKeon
How Does it Work?

Beginning the first Monday in October, all staff was invited to nominate “victims” from any office for a $5 fee per victim, per nomination. Each office was assigned a “Banker” who collected donations and kept track of nominations. Nominations closed after two weeks. At that time, the official victims in each office were determined based on the number of nominations each person received.

Official victims in each office had their own money jar on display in their home office for two weeks. Employees were encouraged to drop cash and coins into the jars for the two weeks they were on display.

At the end of the month, the one victim in each office with the most money in their jar got a Pie in the Face.


A progress video was created toward the end of the month to give employees one last, big push to fill
their favorite victim’s jar… or encourage the victims to start planning their contenders’ sabotage.

Pie in the Face Across EAPC

Grand Forks

EAPC Principal and Head of Industrial Services, Paul Prout


Project Designer Andrew Suby


EAPC Principal Jim Tyler and Healthcare Practice Director Stanley Schimke


Graphic Designer Lauren Flier

Sioux Falls

Project Designer Bret Holt


Healthcare Studio Designer Ian Schimke

EAPC employees have come to look forward to this event and love thinking up new schemes and strategies to get their coworkers in the hot seat. “There’s always next year,” they taunt each other. This event has proved to be a great way to bring employees together, give back to our communities, and have a lot of fun.